December 31, 2015


O.K., I didn't get round to doing a catch up before the end of the year. I will do, eventually. In the meantimes I can only hope that 2016 proves to be a better year, in so many ways and on so many levels. My immediate thoughts go out to all those who have suffered in the floods throughout the U.K. This winter is such a miserable one for so many people.
There are so many truly awful things happening all over the world. Syria springs to mind.
I shall stop before I go into full political rant mode.
The thing is, let those we love know. Hold them close. Try and find the joy in life, even when it is in tiny shards. Act with honour and truth. Empathise with and care for others. Just do the best that you can and be sure not to be too hard on yourselves.
Bring it on 2016!

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December 26, 2015


I hope everyone's midwinter festival was all they hoped it would be.
Ours was quiet and involved good food and Prosecco! Just the three of us, eating when we wanted, opening presents when we wanted. A lovely day.
Oliver had a fabulous day and was very happy with, and about, everything.

It's been a funny old year. I haven't blogged as much as I'd have liked, mainly for fear of only writing long political rants! I shall do a catch up over the next few days. In time for the New Year.

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August 10, 2015


Where have the years gone? Flown by, apparently.
Oliver has finished school, so went to the prom. He chose and bought his bow tie, waistcoat, cufflinks With nice new black cords and, rather expensive, leather shoes his outfit was complete.
We think he looks very handsome and we are very proud of him.
He had a fabulous time. Here he is, on the way home. The taxi driver set up disco lights for the event!

Big changes ahead, after the summer holidays. Oliver was in mainstream school. We got him through the exams (results due in a couple of weeks), but feel that he really struggled over the last two years. So much pressure, so much work. So much harder with his disabilities.
Oliver has now got a place in a fantastic, newly built, FE centre at a local special school. He will still do some academic work, but there will be more emphasis on emotional development and nurturing individuality and strengths. The whole atmosphere is very friendly and much more relaxed. He will be encouraged to be much more independent, instead of having the same Learning Support Assistants constantly at his shoulder. He is excited about this, as are we.
He's also excited at the prospect of all the trips they seem to take. Lots of new adventures ahead.
Here's a link to their, not so brilliant, website, in case anyone is interested.
The school is in a beautiful, peaceful setting. The 6th form is small. It will be a change, which I hope will be good for Oliver and help him prepare for the future.

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